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Chimney Climbing Platform

Our Customer

Delta Engineering

The Requirement

The requirement was for a moving platform that could be constructed around a chimney which could then be raised and lowered for maintenance work. This is of particular importance for concrete chimneys which after time become brittle. The platform is in two parts and grips the chimney around the circumference and allows a second section to climb and then be secured. The requirement was for a series of synchronised actuators to raise and lower the two sections.


Synchronised systems of 16 actuator columns with a load capacity of 24,000N per actuator and stroke of 1200mm.

Key to the project

The customer needed long term reliability, static load holding with high ingress protection and accurate synchronisation.


Industrial Devices supplied the actuators fitted with SEW inline geared motors. Each geared motor was fitted with encoders and disc brake. Industrial Devices worked with the customer and Control Techniques to synchronise the system with closed loop inverter control. The system has been used very successfully on a number of concrete chimneys across the UK and hopefully soon to be used to dismantle the chimneys at Battersea Power Station.

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