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Height Adjustable Bench

Our Customer

Babcock International

The Requirement

The linear actuator was required to raise and lower a series of benches mounted around the swimming pool on a luxury yacht. The swimming pool on VAVA II is required to have the surrounding bench lowered and the floor of the pool raised so the area could be used as a dance floor. VAVA II is a 97-metre super yacht which cost an estimated £100 million.


Supply a linear actuator with 500mm stroke, 6000N force and 5mm/s speed. Each system required to synchronise either 2 or 3 actuators. Unit fitted with potentiometer feedback and end of stroke limit switch feedback.

Key to the project

The customer needed long term reliability, with high ingress protection and accurate synchronisation.


Industrial Devices have supplied the Lambda linear actuator with IP66 protection. The units have proved very reliable with no product related failures. The Lambda units are designed for 100,000 operations at full load and have been tested to operate in temperatures ranging from -35⁰C to +90⁰C.

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