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Range Rover Sport

Our Customer

Specialist Model maker.

The Requirement

Our customer was looking for a stylish high quality linear actuator providing both a fast and quiet operation. As the project was very high profile, they were also looking to deal with a supplier that would provide confidentiality, coupled with excellent customer service and support.


Supply a linear actuator with 1m stroke, 6000N force and 25mm/s speed.

Key to the project

After placing the order we were advised the end customer had dramatically reduced the required delivery date. We worked closely with the factory to reduce the lead time down from 6 weeks to 14 days.


We are pleased to say the actuator was delivered on time and successfully fitted to the vehicle, which then left on a privately chartered aircraft to New York. The New Range Rover Sport Exhibition Model was displayed at the New York Motor Show as pictured above and we are delighted to report that our customer has since placed another order.


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