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Alpha Lifting Column Electric Linear Actuator

Alpha Lifting Column 10,000N (1000kg) up to 18mm/second

The Alpha Lifting Column is designed in column form for industrial applications with high overhung load. Ideal for assembly jigs, machine tables, display and computer benches.

Used mainly synchronised the systems are used in many Medical and Pharmaceutical applications worldwide. Industrial Devices have supplied many hundreds of systems over the last 15 years.

The Alpha Electric Column has proved itself as being very reliable and robust, raising and lowering equipment costing in excess £50,000.

Applications include Medical, Pharmaceutical, Funeral Care, Industrial, Motorhome, Leisure, Motorsport, Equine Transport and Healthcare, to name a few.

Once in position the Alpha Colum system will not back drive or move due to the ACME screw technology used for the lead screw.

Load Capacity



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